AI in Focus: Debating Innovation at EWPN SEE Conference in Sarajevo

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Gjergji Guri took part in the EWPN SEE Conference Debate Club in Sarajevo, focused on “Powering the A(I)nnovation!”.

A microcosm of the more global discourse on AI, this debate and the two dynamic teams that joined it, offered various perspectives on AI's impact today on businesses and the labor market:

Team A championed AI as the vision of the future, emphasizing its transformative potential across industries, particularly in finance and healthcare. They discussed how AI streamlines processes, empowers creativity and reshapes the labor market.

Team B offered a pragmatic view, delving into the challenges and risks of current AI implementations. From transparency issues to the complexities of integration, they explored the realities of adopting AI into business operations today, with real case studies.