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Since the very inception of our business operations, we have strategically built partnership ecosystems focused on the implementation of disruptive tools for the financial services players. Whether you are looking for a banking tools implementation partner or a payment network integrator, Facilization can bring on its 200+ project references on the table. Any RFP can be our next project together. We will be happy to discuss business with you.

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Become a Referral Partner

Our referral partner program can help you be a trusted consultant and scale up your value proposition for your financial services customers by referring them to Facilization and our suite of comprehensive banking, payments, and regulatory solutions. Such a program is perfect for risk and regulatory consultants, advocates who assist clients during the licensing of new financial institutions, resellers, and freelancers with a wide network of clients and prospects who can benefit from Facilization services. If you don't match any of the criteria above, but you believe Facilization can be a good fit, contact us to learn more

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