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Leverage our expertise to start-up your EMI/PSP

Enhance your service offerings with fully integrated solutions

We provide comprehensive IT support for EMIs and PSPs, using the latest technology to help our customers enhance their operations and improve their services. We can enable more intelligent infrastructure to deliver faster transactions and smoother processes which efficiently manage high volumes of transactions.

Our expert knowledge of the market allows us to provide bespoke solutions which enable our customers to adapt quickly. Using cloud-native SaaS and PaaS applications, we can enhance integrations and API connectors to increase the breadth of connected services, adding value to the end-user.

Accelerate your market growth

Our cloud-first SaaS platform is fully scalable to grow with your business. Launch and adapt products using a service offering that gives you the tools to pivot to the market demand. Our platform’s flexible core design facilitates new product development, reducing the time it takes to get new products and services to market.

Process a wider range of currencies
Onboard new accounts quicker
Collaborate with partners on the latest software
Develop your operations with Facilization’s resource pool
Introduce new products to market faster

Put innovation first

Operate without an in-house IT team using our managed services model and free-up your staff to focus on customer service and acquisition. Our AI and ML-powered platform can automate complex processes and deliver custom reports, simplifying operations across infrastructure and service. We can also use our industry expertise to consult on business processes, such as finance and payment reconciliation, license applications or writing of proposals and procurement documents - helping you to keep moving, without being slowed down by back-end operations.

Full compliance to international regulations

Benefit from our comprehensive knowledge and experience of international payment standards and licenses to ensure operations adhere to regulatory requirements. We can assist with regulatory reporting, including PSD2, and provide support for the latest payment industry protocols, such as ISO20022. We use our AI-driven systems to support Anti-Money Laundering initiatives and customer verification, in addition to ensuring data privacy and security compliance for you and your customers.

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