Facilization Achieves 100% Expertise in Oracle Cloud Services

Facilization proudly announces its 100% level of expertise and qualification in the Cloud Services Track, a significant achievement resulting from our dedicated team’s ongoing investment in acquiring in-depth knowledge and skills in Oracle Cloud services.

Our proven expertise is demonstrated by the numerous certifications obtained by our staff and a track record of successful projects where we have effectively utilized our Oracle Cloud knowledge.

By attaining expertise from Oracle, we validate our comprehensive understanding and proficiency in Oracle Cloud services, providing clients with added confidence in our ability to deliver successful projects.

Facilization is registered in the Cloud Service Track, highlighting our commitment to maintaining our status as an Oracle Cloud service provider. This requires regular re-certifications to ensure we stay updated with the latest advancements.

We are excited about these achievements and remain focused on our journey as a leading provider of Oracle Cloud services. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to deliver exceptional solutions and value to our clients.