Facilization and Wultra Partner to Deliver Strong Customer Authentication to Financial Institutions

Tirana, September 22, 2023 – Facilization and Wultra, a Czech Republic-based provider of internet and mobile security solutions, have announced a partnership that will enhance Facilization’s proposal for digital banking with Wultra’s modern authentication solution. 

Today, financial institutions face the challenge of ensuring superior security while concurrently maintaining the best experience for their customers. Facilization and Wultra combine their expertise to provide financial institutions with solutions that are both secure and seamless. By empowering banks and other financial institutions to protect their customers’ identity and information, they offer customers peace of mind in an ever-changing landscape of threats.  

Facilization has strong technical capabilities and in-depth knowledge of financial institutions’ needs.  

“At Facilization, we’ve always been committed to driving innovation in the financial sector. Our journey in PSD2 implementation has been instrumental in transforming banking and payment institutions across several countries in Europe. The partnership with Wultra signifies our constant dedication to delivering secure and seamless solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients and their customers. Together, we aim to set new standards in the industry, enhancing trust and convenience in our customer portfolio and shaping the path to PSD3 compliance,” said Gjergji Guri, Founder and CEO of Facilization.

Wultra delivers a robust, secure authentication solution to safeguard financial transactions and sensitive data. Its cutting-edge technologies have proven instrumental in mitigating fraud risks while also providing bank customers with a smooth, user-friendly banking experience that doesn’t compromise on security or convenience.

“Partnering with Facilization perfectly aligns with Wultra’s mission to empower banks and fintech companies to build secure digital applications. At the same time, the partnership helps us fulfill our growth ambitions to become a globally recognized player in advanced customer authentication by opening new, exciting geographies. The combination of our easy-to-deploy solutions with Facilization’s expertise in the financial sector enhances the security posture of financial institutions and ensures that customers have a seamless and trustworthy banking experience. Together, we’re raising the bar for the future of secure digital banking,” said Petr Dvořák, CEO of Wultra.

Facilization and Wultra’s holistic and adaptive approach to digital banking security will enable banks and financial institutions to expand their market presence with unwavering confidence as well as build trust with their customers.