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Credins Bank

Credins Bank

Credins Bank is one of the three largest banks in Albania. As of 2021, Credins Bank reaffirmed its position as the first bank in the market for the total net loan portfolio and the second bank in terms of total deposits and assets. Credins Bank currently counts 300K+ clients.

The Bank has established partnerships at the country, division, and regional levels to provide tailored financial solutions to its clients, including innovative products in line with digital trends, financial consulting, and traditional bank financing and investment solutions, all of which are under the leadership of high ethical standards.


Credins Bank was looking to optimize its internal regulatory reporting processes by automating the

calculation of regulatory ratios reported to Bank of Albania and calculation of ECLs in compliance with IFRS9 standard.

To achieve its goal, the bank required the following challenges to be overcome:

  • Elimination of calculation of Regulatory Ratios in a manual way, being a time-consuming and error-prone process
  • Lack of control when performing manual changes to input /output data using Microsoft Excel;
  • The regulatory Reporting Framework requires daily reporting of certain ratios which in turn requires dedicated human resources;


  • Optimizing collateral allocation manually for complex cases was virtually impossible (COREP);
  • Difficulties in optimizing ECL calculations (IFRS9) when considering the granularity of historical data, economic scenarios, and forward-looking indicators;
  • Producing Management/ad-hoc reports and analysis required an unusually long time;

To overcome these challenges, Facilization provided the following:

An integrated set of modules built on top of F-Analytics platform for Regulatory Reporting and impairment calculations;
BASEL: An optimized solution for minimizing capital requirements whilst being compliant with Regulatory rules;
LCR: A complete solution to handle the daily calculation of Liquidity Coverage Ratio in a quick and reliable manner;
IFRS9: An open and extensible solution that integrated the Bank’s impairment methodology and requirements such as PD & LGD Modelling, stage allocation, etc;
A built-in data warehouse solution that accurately stores historical data;
Automatic generation of the complete regulatory reporting package;