Unveiling the Best of ICT Awards: Highlights from ‘Good Morning Albania’ Interview

Tonight marks the highly anticipated grand gala night of the Albanian ICTAwards. In a buzzing atmosphere, Gjergji Guri, the head of the jury for this year’s awards, and Kushtrim Shala, the founder and organizer of the ICT Awards, were invited as special guests for an interview on “Good Morning Albania” aired on RTSH.

During the interview, they shared their valuable experiences and insights regarding this year’s projects and ideas, giving us a glimpse into the exceptional initiatives that have reached the final stage of the ICT Awards. They highlighted the remarkable efforts of the ICT Award jury in carefully selecting and identifying the best projects among a pool of impressive submissions.The interview left us looking forward to the gala evening, where the winners of the 11th edition of the ICT Awards will be announced.

The event promises to be a joyous celebration of talent,  creativity, and innovative achievements within the field of ICT.


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